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The finished product of our work reflects exquisite elegance, graceful beauty and tasteful seduction. THANK GOODNESS!! Because let me tell you, it takes so much more than that to make the magic happen. It takes things like our blood, our sweat, and our tears… lots of them…. but mostly there’s lots of giggling, Angie & Ange sneaking around taking awkward photos of each other, and a party everywhere we go.  There’s no reason for us to keep all these good times to ourselves… so here’s a look into our behind the scenes videos from some of our boudoir sessions. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss any of our videos! Enjoy! Love, Angie

  • Lingerie Store

    Angie & Lindsay show off lots of things you need to feel pretty everyday.

  • Camping Panties

    Angie feels like all kinds of celebrities & Lindsay has camping panties!

  • Lingerie Needs New Names

    Summer, Angela & Angie think that lingerie should be given a different name!

  • Here's Another Peak of the New Store!

    Here's another video of Angie & Ange in front of the new store. They can't wait for it to open!

  • 2016 Has Been A Great Year!

    Angie & Ange have had a really awesome & hilarious year. We compiled some of them into this seriously funny video for you.

  • New Items!

    We got in some new sexies & wanted to share them with you!

  • New Store Construction

    Angie & her hubby talk about the new store construction.

  • Thirsty Thursday

    Angie & Angela talk about what they like to drink along with sexy red lingerie!

  • Boudoir Practice Day

    Here's a little behind the scenes video of Angie & Angela practicing their boudoir skills!

  • New Lingerie Shoes & Jewelry

    Angie & Ange introduce some new lingerie, shoes and jewelry we are now carrying!

  • Happy 9th Birthday To Us!

    Our boudoir studio is 9 years old so we celebrated by running a contest on Facebook!

  • Boudoir Session Winner!

    Angie & Angela announce the winner of the free boudoir session!

  • Behind The Scenes During A Boudoir Session

    Sometimes we go to extreme measures to make our client's laugh! LOL!

  • Behind The Scenes in our Boudoir Studio

    Make sure to turn up your sound for this little brat from us!

  • We Are Hiring!

    We are expanding! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to keep up with all our expansion!

  • Big News!

    We have some big news!

  • Angie

    Angie has lots of animals at her home she calls Camp Davis, and there is always something crazy going on there!

  • Angela Drives My Car

    We may die! :D

  • Our Team

    Here's some FYI about Angie & Angela!

  • You're Invited

    You're invited to our lingerie party!

  • Products

    Check out some of our gorgeous products!

  • Shoes

    We carry an AWESOME selection of shoes for your boudoir session or just a hot night out on the town!

  • Open House

    You're invited to our Open House!

  • Body Issues

    Do not worry about your body issues! Those do not exist at Angie Davis Photography!

  • Don't Be Scared

    It's not scary to have a boudoir session with us! It's a TON of fun!

  • Angela Thinks She's a Photographer

    This is why you hire a professional boudoir photographer!

  • Stop Looking at Yourself Like That

    Ladies should not be so hard on themselves!

  • Behind the Scenes

    Here's a small snippet of behind the scenes from our dudeoir session.

  • Dudeoir Session

    We had the BEST dudeoir session!

  • Dudeoir Session

    There's a guy in our studio!

  • Hard at Work

    We are working so hard I can't email anymore!

  • So Early in the Morning

    It's a lot of work being a boudoir photographer!

  • Being Sexy

    Angela and I are being too sexy for our own good! :D

  • Spinning!

    Angela and I have a little fun after a boudoir session.

  • Shoes

    Angela tells us about her day!

  • Boudoir Kryptonite

    This is what happens to Angie after boudoir sessions!

  • No We Weren't Drinking

    Champagne Time!

  • There's No Crying In Boudoir

    I can't work my phone ya'll!

  • Amazing Makeup By Angela

    Angela's makeup skills are so amazing I can't even talk!

  • Angela Doing Melody's Makeup

    Angela decides to pound Melody's face during her boudoir session.

  • Angela Has Some Things To Say

    Angela has some things to say during Melody's boudoir session.

  • Behind The Scenes of a Boudoir Session

    Behind the scenes of Melody's boudoir session!

  • Check Out Our Studio!

    Here is a little tour of our studio! We hope to see you soon for a boudoir session with us!

  • The New Lingerie Store & Boudoir Studio!

    Here is a little peek of the construction for the new lingerie store and boudoir studio we are building in Conway!